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Video Tutorial: Fast Pallet Stool

By HeatherStiletto

If you’ve got a man cave, a garage or workshop that you hang out in, it seems that family and friends always want to hang out with you. However, they […]

Video Tutorial: Simple Pallet Chair!

By HeatherStiletto

Holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations are the highlight of our lives Sometimes all those guests can be stressful, especially when you don’t have enough seating for that big game day […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Wood Screen Door

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

Pallet wood to screen door.

Diy Video Tutorial: Travel-inspired Pallet Picture Frame

By aCuriousCreator

Inspired by traveling the world, a rustic pallet wood picture frame to keep different currencies from all countries visited.

Diy Video Tutorial: Repairing Chipped Wood Furniture

By HeatherStiletto

Chips happen, especially when working with pallet wood since it isn’t furniture grade. But instead of throwing that piece of furniture out, learn how Repairing Chipped Wood Furniture can save […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Thin Blue Line Pallet Flag

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

Support our police officers with a Blue Lives Matter flag!

Diy Video Tutorial: Chair-making Basics Part 1

By HeatherStiletto

Sikana.tv presents a great series to show you Chair-making basics – part 1. Of course, you can use store-bought wood or pallet wood – or both! It’s all up to […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Industrial-style Coffee Table

By Lab11

Table basse en bois de palettes

Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Two-dog Bed

By kry5gag

I made this pallet dog bed using 1 x 4″ pallet deck boards. These are easy to find at places that receive large things that need to be crated. I […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Crazy Wooden Bouncy Bench

By HeatherStiletto

Here’s a great project that can be easily adapted to pallet wood, and will make the kids laugh! Make a Wooden Bouncy Bench! You probably have seen ideas, but didn’t […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Varnishing Pallet Wood

By HeatherStiletto

Found pallets? Check. Dismantled them without injury to yourself or the wood? Of course, because you’ve checked out our Dismantling Pallets page. You’ve built an impressive pallet project that you […]

Using Miter Squares For Perfect Wood Joints

By HeatherStiletto

One of the biggest challenges for a woodworker is to get square joints. It’s even more tricky when using pallet wood. Let Sikana.tv help you learn how to use simple […]

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