Pallet Cactus String Art

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 5h

  • $6

My DIY Video Tutorial shows you how to make this Pallet Cactus String Art!  I've seen similar projects before and wanted to give it a try.

This project is ideal for the kids to help out! Make Pallet Cactus String Art project together!

Additionally, I wanted to make something BIG. This project is huge. All in it probably took me around 5 hours including breaking down the pallet. Could have been quicker if I had planned it out more, but I just made it up as I went along. It's a relatively budget-friendly piece of home decor to make. You need some pallet deck boards, yarn, wood glue, and nails!

With a few simple supplies and tools, you and your family can make an adorable Pallet Cactus String Art.
Have fun with the family and create a unique piece of wall art at the same time!
Make this Pallet Cactus String Art big or small to fit your home decor needs.
I made a large piece of wall art, but you can simply use this idea and size it to fit your home and decor scheme.
This charming Pallet Cactus String Art idea is a simple project to involve the kids with because you can't make errors when running your yarn.
The best part of a project like this is that even if you have young children helping, they can't make any errors. That will just add charm.
This Pallet Cactus String Art can be made with leftover skeins of yarn, or change the design to any shape you wish to match the yarn you have.
This idea is a great way to use up those leftover skeins of yarn, too. Create any shape you wish and make it work for what you have!
This Pallet Cactus String Art is a forgiving project because nothing has to be exact or perfect. Small imperfections will only add charm.
A bag of trim nails will probably be your only expense. The nails don't even have to be hammered in precisely even.

Use a pair of pliers to set nails safely when kids are helping. Plus the pliers will allow for a uniform height of nails on this Pallet Cactus String Art.

If you have the kids help with this step, be sure to supervise them. They can also use a pair of pliers to hold the nail while setting the nails. That can create an easy way to get a uniform height of nail heads.

Finish this Pallet Cactus String Art project any way you choose: oil, wax, polyurethane, stain, paint, and more.
Seal the wall art with wax, oils, or polyurethane. If you prefer, paint the wood and make a background!
Use a good quality wood glue to attach the pallet boards together for the wooden canvas on this Pallet Cactus String Art.
Sand and glue pallet pieces together to create the wooden canvas.
Sand the wooden canvas lightly for a rustic look or heavily for a more refined finish on your Pallet Cactus String Art.
Keep this idea rustic and lightly sand with a random-orbit palm sander, or use a planer for a smoother finish. Check your pallet boards for metal and nails THOROUGHLY. Don't damage planer blades by skipping this step.
Wear safety protection when you're dismantling pallets for Pallet Cactus String Art.

Break down a pallet and remove all the nails. Be sure to wear appropriate safety protection!

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