Other Pallet ProjectsPallet Dartboard Surround Protects Walls

Pallet Dartboard Surround Protects Walls

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 3h

  • $10

I built this Pallet Dartboard Surround to protect my walls in case anyone is a poor aim. I made this surround to measure approximately 33″ wide x 31″ tall.

Protect your walls instead of giving up the game with this Pallet Dartboard Surround.

I cut six deck boards to the length I wanted and trimmed the edges up to look like fence boards along one edge. Next, I cut two more boards to the width I wanted for the top and bottom and attached them with screws. The bottom board is wider to create a base for the shelf I made.  I added a trim board piece along the bottom to clean up the edges. Finally, I applied a Barn Red stain on the pallets. I attached three heavy-duty picture hangers to support the weight.

Pallet Dartboard Surround Protects Walls Other Pallet Projects
A barn red stain makes the target stand out well while protecting my walls!
Pallet Dartboard Surround Protects Walls Other Pallet Projects
A shelf for trophies or for holding the darts. It’s all up to you!

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Jim Dick

If you don’t miss, you don’t need a surround! 😉

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