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Using Wall Anchors!

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With all the cool stuff everyone is making from upcycled and recycled items these days. Eventually, you'll end up with something you want to hang on the wall. Perhaps you need to secure something tall, like a shelf or a cat tree, but don't know how to do it. This DIY Video Tutorial will help you with Using Wall Anchors!

Our friends at Sikana.tv will show you that Using Wall Anchors is a snap!

There are many types of wall anchors, and you choose them based on what you're hanging. For light objects, the simple plastic inserts can be great. But, to secure larger items or heavier items, the expanding type of wall anchor is much more secure. That's the type that you'll learn how to use in this great DIY Video Tutorial!

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors - Several types of wall anchors shown.

There are many types of wall anchors. Choose the right one for the type of object you plan to hang on the wall.

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! - drilling the hole. Make the hole just slightly smaller than the wall anchor diameter.

Wall anchors are great for when you need to hang a heavier object, such as a large picture frame (or pallet art), but don't have a stud in the proper location. They help secure the item without tearing out the drywall. First, drill the hole where you want to hang the item. Use a drill bit just slightly smaller or equal to the size of the wall anchor.

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! - choosing the right drill bit - don't drill the hole too big!

Choosing the proper drill bit. Choose one slightly smaller or equal to the wall anchor diameter.

Using Wall Anchors is a fast and easy project. You only need a drill and a screwdriver to conquer this task!

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! - a collapsed and expanded wall anchor example.

This is the wall anchor when fully collapsed. When it expands, it'll form an arrow-head shape or a star shape to make a wider grip area.

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! Tap the collapsed wall anchor into the hole you drilled.

After you drill the hole, tap the collapsed wall anchor into the hole.

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! showing what wall anchors do on the back side of the drywall.

When you begin tightening the screw on the wall anchor, here's what it does on the back side of the drywall! It gets squeezed and expands into an arrow or star shape to grip the drywall more firmly! Pretty cool, huh? This prevents tearing holes in your drywall.

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! begin tightening the screw.....

Oooh, the anticipation! Begin tightening the screw!

Diy Video Tutorial: Using Wall Anchors! - screen shot of the video.

Check out the video to see more types of wall anchors that may be handy for your projects!

Now that you know how to hang items safely how about making some cool upcycled RGB-Backlit Art?  Time to make more Pallet Wall Art?

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