by Matt Hodges

Pallet Flag Pyrography

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Do you want a pallet flag, but don’t want to repaint it year after year? Why not try your hand at some Pallet Flag Pyrography! Woodburning is a fun and inexpensive way to create a unique look for any wood project. This flag is a terrific example!

Options for this Pallet Flag Pyrography project:

I built the rectangular shape with a few pallet deck boards. I attached them to strips of wood to support the assembly.

You can approach this from one of two ways:

  1. You can mask off your rows and then use a woodburning tool to burn alternating rows to the desired color you want using standard widths of deck boards.
  2. You can cut narrower strips, using two tones of wood, so that the white strips are something like pine, poplar or maple. The strips you Woodburn can be of any darker material to start or an interesting wood grain.
  3. Mask off the square for the stars and you can either freehand draw or use a template to draw your stars. You can burn the background in, or paint the stars on top of the wood burned area.
  4. You can even have fun with decorative fasteners!

Finishing your Pallet Flag Pyrography project:

There are many options! After you do the wood burning, you could lightly sand to distress the look or lighten the overall effect. You could then stain the alternating stripes if you so chose. You will have to choose how to seal the project (if at all). It will depend on if this is primarily an indoor decoration, or if it is a piece of art for your garden or front porch for the neighborhood to enjoy. This is a project that is easy, but can be as creative as you want it to be! It could even be a good family project!

Pallet Flag Pyrography Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting


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Bob Parson
Bob Parson

What is the size of the pictured flag?

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