Other Pallet ProjectsJustwood.it: A Complete Review

Justwood.it: A Complete Review

Want to know what the plans of Justwood.it are worth? Well, then you’ll want to read on. First, let’s give some info on the offer from Justwood.it.

Who is John P. Evans?

John P. Evans is a qualified expert in woodworking and the creator of Justwood.it website. John has tons of experience with him in professional woodworking and has ample experience in training.

John has worked as a professional woodworker for years now, and he is a member of the AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute). He knows almost every technique related to woodworking.

John has explained concepts in an easy to understand way and also shared vital information with the customers.

After spending his previous years learning woodwork, John started utilizing his talent to create the kind of furniture that others could only admire. People would soon ask him for advice on how to plan and make furniture and desired to create furniture just like him. Gradually, John went on to become one of the most successful wood craftsmen in the region.

I started this website to share my passion for woodworking – offering free plans and advice to aspiring craftsmen… This site serves as a “journal” as well as a “giveaway” for all the plans and knowledge I’ve amassed throughout my life. I am trying to put as much useful woodworking plans on this website as I can. As my fellow woodworking friend, I really hope you will gain a lot of helpful tips & tricks, guides & plans off of my website. 

John P. Evans

What does Justwood.it offer?

John’s online website provides at least more than sixteen thousand plans and projects with more than 2,200 PDF to download at the date of today.

Justwood.it plans are simple to learn, and for most of the plans, you’ll have a detailed explanation at every step, and these woodworking plans are perfect for newbies or experienced artisans alike.

You’ll get to know a lot of useful wood crafting ideas and the essential tips and techniques to make you a much better craftsman.

What will you find on Justwood.it

This is what you’ll find on Justwood.it website:

  • More than 16,000 woodworking plans and projects in more than 2,200 PDF available to download right after your subscription
  • You can save a good amount of money by not buying any other expensive and useless woodworking plans.
  • It teaches the different tricks and techniques prevalent in carpentry.
  • Justwood guides teach many valuable tricks and tips about laminating, jointing, bonding, fastening, and more.
  • You get access to all the woodworking plans & guides totally free by simply registering.
  • The plans are the same for beginners as well as advanced users

Back to our review of the Justwood.it Plans & Website

After subscribing to Justwood.it, we couldn’t believe the incredible amount of woodworking plans & guides available to download. And everything is totally free, which is even more incredible!

It’s ideally suited for beginners as to expert artisans. If you’re completely new to woodworking, then you’ll need to follow the plans step-by-step, but if you are already a confirmed woodworker, then you’ll get good value out of the thousands of plans available.

Let’s be clear and honest; the woodworking plans you get for free on the Internet or in DIY magazines always miss details for the step-by-step instructions or the bill of materials necessary to get the project complete. The other thing that totally ticks us off is that you find out after that to work on the project, you need all the power tools that most people can’t get their hands on like lathes or milling machines.

Ok, we’ll get down off the old soap box.

You don’t need any of those high-end woodworking tools with Justwood.it woodworking plans. You’ll be able to complete most of the projects with tools that the majority of us have at our disposal.

If you’re ready to go and don’t need to see anymore, click on the link to go to the site: download Justwood.it woodworking plans!

So, would you like an overview of a plan you can get in the Justwood.it packages? We took a screen capture of one of the simpler plans so you can get an idea of what you’ll get. We intentionally didn’t get one of the top woodworking projects because that wouldn’t be fair to the memberships and the site. Still, we understand that for a real and honest review, you must see the quality of instruction you get with every plan.

The pictures below will show you one of the plans you can download at Justwood.it.

Now that we’ve shown you a simple woodcraft plan available in Justwood.it plans, we decided to show you the inside of the membership area.

Ok, we made you wait long enough. Here is what you’ll see after joining Justwood.it. This is the first look you’ll see when connected to the member’s area after completing the subscription process, which is only one click if you join through your Facebook account.

Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
PDF Plans menu accessible when connected that gives you access to all the woodworking plans categories.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
Another view of the categories menu.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
If you have plans you want to share with others, it’s also possible through the website to upload your own plans.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
This is how to browse the different categories of woodworking plans available, it’s not so different that the windows explorer.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
Another screenshot inside the furniture category.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
The display of the PDF woodworking plans available inside a category. You can download the PDF plans or have a preview of the plans directly in your browser.
Justwood.it: A Complete Review Other Pallet Projects
A preview of the plan that you can download right away.

Amazing stuff, right? Well, we know you’ll love all the woodworking plans available to spend time with your loved ones making amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

We feel like our subscription to Justwood.it was one of the best subscriptions we have made, and also think that we have 10x or more the value than we paid because we didn’t pay anything, yes zero ($0), absolutely free. But you don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve shown you what it looks like inside the membership area, and you now know what you can get, and if you still aren’t sure, have a try; it’s free. You have nothing to lose.

Now we realize that there is a real problem with this site. With the vast amount of woodworking plans, guides, and ebooks inside, you’re going to feel overwhelmed! But don’t worry! As you can see from the images, the site is very well organized, and you can start at the top and work your way through, and before you know it, you will be an expert and working on the project you’ve always dreamed of.


  • The member has exclusive access to individual woodworking projects instantly online at all times.
  • The member can choose one woodworking plan from the 16,000+ plans available and may proceed with its construction at his own pace.
  • Justwood.it woodworking plans are really a cost-effective method of fast access to more than 16,000 projects on woodworking (3,200+ PDF files to download).
  • For $0 (FREE), the actual subscription is very affordable :)


  • Justwood.it all-inclusive guide on woodworking may be considered a little tricky by some beginners.
  • The members that are at a beginner’s stage have to be regularly updated and work in minimal steps initially as it is packed with much information and instructions.
  • Some of the file sizes are quite large and may take a long time to download on any PC’s if your internet connexion is not speedy.
  • We regret not being able to see an image or a thumbnail of the final project. You have to preview each plan to know exactly what’s inside. Maybe this will be improved in the future. But, hey, this is a minor disadvantage, we remind that all the plans are offered completely free.

Final Verdict:

The final verdict about the Justwood.it online woodworking plans are encouraging given by many evaluators and critics. The review is so positive because the website and all the woodworking plans offered have much more advantages than drawbacks. Justwood.it Woodworking website is a must-have for those who wish to build something valuable as it contains a lot of content, plans, guides, books, and ebooks around woodworking techniques, woodworking tools, and much much more. The plans are equally good for novices and professionals in the field of carpentry and woodworking.

The Justwood.it website gives access to an extensive collection of woodworking downloadable projects and is a great value. The woodworking plans are honest when it says that the customer gets unlimited and easy access to the plans of varied furniture projects.

In summary, we highly recommend Justwood.it for the vast amount of PDF plans, guides & ebooks that are provided absolutely FREE! They told themselves “The #1 source for free woodworking plans” and considering how much PDF plans are available, it’s really possible they are! Oh, and did I told you it’s free? :) crazy!

Update 10.01.2020:

Justwood.it collection of woodworking plans has increased since this review. Now, they got exactly (as of today) 3,382 woodworking PDF plans to download! And it’s still free, once you’ve signed with justwood.it, you can get all the new PDF plans for free.

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