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Dismantling Pallets The Fastest, Easiest Way!

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Do you find Dismantling Pallets to be a time-consuming way to repurpose wood pallets?  Do you spend hours removing the boards, only to spend more hours removing the nails? Stop, it’s not hammer time.

Here’s the faster, easier way of Dismantling Pallets – just watch the DIY Video Tutorial!

Remove the nails: If nails were sawed, you have to use a nail punch, a hammer, and a clamp to remove them. You’d have to place the nail punch on the cut portion of the nail, then gently tap with a hammer to make it stand out from the other side. Turn your board over and remove the nail with the clamp. Do you think this sounds like a lot of work,  you are right. If so, we have the solution for you! Here is Fastest and Easiest way to break down a pallet.

Dismantling Pallets The Fastest, Easiest Way! DIY Pallet Video Tutorials
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Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle, 41",blue
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Now that you have a stack of wood, how about some pallet bar diy ideas?

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Jeremy Porter

Neat tools, but I’ll stick with my reciprocating saw, which is much faster. I like having the nail heads in the wood for some projects as well.

Reply to  Jeremy Porter

Hi – Heather the admin. assistant here. That’s why we love presenting a lot of options. Some like the nails (like you and I), and others want to be able to have them all gone. Depending on the use, it can be advantageous to remove them. But like you, I <3 my reciprocating saw. But….the husband loves pallet breakers and sometimes just getting out a good ol' crowbar! That makes me shake my head, but hey, he's still dismantling them, so I'm not complaining! Happy Palleting!

Emilie Schweikert

Does anyone can telle me how to make this fabulous thing? I didn’t understand (but I’m french!)

Paolo Imperiale

It’s just me who does not see the video in the article?

1001 Pallets

it’s a youtube video, you must see it…

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