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Stylish Table Saw Push Stick

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I made this Table Saw Push Stick using reclaimed wood. It features recessed bottle caps on each side. The shoe of the push block can be swapped out with different thickness pieces to adapt to the different thickness of wood that you push through your table saw. With the stain and charred edges, it just makes an awesome safety tool for your saw.

Make a conversation piece that’s also functional with this Table Saw Push Stick!

You only need a few scrap pieces and a few bottle caps. Please empty the bottle caps after using the saw. ;) Watch my DIY Video Tutorial and learn how to make this unique workshop tool!

Stylish Table Saw Push Stick DIY Pallet Video Tutorials
Embed your favorite bottle caps and let the world know you’re safe and have a discerning palate!

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Ronald Hightower

Now what kind of woodworker would want to have such a pretty device?

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