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Learn Pallet Wood Turning Techniques With This Diy Video!

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Expand your pallet woodworking skills SAFELY when you Learn Pallet Wood Turning Techniques. Create unique pallet furniture with handmade woodturned table legs, make custom stair balusters and more!

Learn Pallet Wood Turning Techniques and customize your home decor!

Safety is a must, and woodturning can be dangerous (but SO MUCH FUN)! Before attempting any project like this, be sure to familiarize yourself with your wood lathe and read the manual. Ensure you have safety glasses (not sunglasses or regular eyeglasses), no loose clothing or hair, respiratory protection, and properly maintained chisels.

When using a planer, thoroughly check all pallet deck boards for nails and staples. Read the manual, and follow all safety recommendations.

Handy tip: An easy way to check your glue lines is to place a chisel on the glue line and strike it with a mallet. A properly glued wood joint won't split apart easily.

Finally, when you make a Pallet Wood Turning project of your own, POST IT!

Use a planer to make Pallet Wood Turning projects glue up tightly.
After removing all nails and staples, plane the deck boards. This ensures maximum contact between boards.
Apply a good-quality wood glue and spread with a chip brush to ensure even contact.
Apply a good-quality wood glue and spread evenly. Use a waterproof glue for outdoor projects.
Align the pallet deck boards and press the glued surfaces together. Glue sets in minutes, so check alignment quickly on your Pallet Wood Turning project.
Align your boards and press together.
Clamp your boards together and allow to dry thoroughly for your Pallet Wood Turning Project.
Clamp the boards in place.
Learn the rules for woodturning gluing when you watch the DIY Video Tutorial. Then make amazing Pallet Wood Turning projects.
Learn the rules for woodturning gluing.
When prepping up your glued boards for your Pallet Wood Turning project, tap in the lathe chuck with a hammer after finding the approximate center.
Tap in the lathe chuck with a hammer after finding the approximate center point.
The Pallet Wood Turning glued-up stack of boards is in the lathe, ready to begin.
Almost ready to begin!
The Pallet Wood Turning project is being woodturned.
Review best techniques for using a woodturning chisel. Using a wood lathe is rewarding, but it can be dangerous.
Applying the finish while the Pallet Wood Turning project is still on the lathe.
When you've completed the project, don't remove it from the lathe just yet. Apply oils, waxes, or other sealants while it turns for an even, thin application.

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