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Diy Pallet Clock

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Here are three clocks I made out of pallet wood. They vary in size depending on the hand’s length. Movement is sweep motion (not ticking) to give them a high-end quality. The wood was sanded and stained with an antique-style color (with the exception of one that is only sanded to preserve a raw look).

The movement is embedded in the wood so they can be installed almost in contact with a wall. You don’t need too many skills to complete this project, only the proper tools, and patience. You will need a single plank from which you cut 3 to 4 pieces of the same length.

Ideally, have a miter saw, orbital sander, drill press, wood glue (or stud strap tie from any real hardware store), and the most important tool that will make the difference; a 3-inch Forstner bit (to embed the movement). Thank you for reading and hope you find them nice looking!

Diy Pallet Clock Pallet Clocks
Diy Pallet Clock Pallet Clocks
Diy Pallet Clock Pallet Clocks
Diy Pallet Clock Pallet Clocks
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Adrian Lapusan

Great work! Your clock stands proof that the simple things are the best!

OMG, amazing work buddy! Do you only use Polish palets?

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