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Recycled Pallet Clock

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You can make your own rustic Recycled Pallet Clock from a clock kit and a single pallet board! A few months ago – near Christmas – I found a beautiful package that gives you the essential components to make your clock. Last weekend I got bored, and since I was in between two projects, I decided to tackle this.

I was again going for that rough, rustic look and didn’t feel any shame using imperfect wood-containing nail holes. This project used only one board!

I cut a board into four pieces to start. Then I took one piece and cut it at a 45-degree angle to make the underside boards. I assembled it the way I wanted and then dry-fitted the clock mechanism. I sanded all the surfaces and coated them with a water-based clear finish. I finished off the project by installing the clock and hanging it on my wall! I like the rustic, industrial feel of it, and another clock in the house is always handy!

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