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Pallet Wall Clock

I made this in the 80s when I had after-hours access to the machine shop at the factory I worked at. I cut equal width pieces of oak from main pallet ribs. I used the same stain (Probably Minwax, new color) on all parts. The color variations were in the wood itself. I cut them to different lengths and arranged them in a “random” pattern with the lightness/darkness alternating. I also included the one-piece with a gorgeous knot.

The pieces were laid out and glued together on a flat surface. The surface was then finished off with a 36″ industrial disk sander, but a good belt sander would work.

The clock cavity was cut out with a router but could be done with a large paddle and chisel. The clock motor was an ordinary battery-powered motor. I’ve replaced it twice in the thirty years since I made it. I painted the hands white to make them stand out better (especially in weak light). If it were stained a lighter color, black hands could be used for good contrast. Two screws and picture hanging wire are used for wall mounting.

Pallet Wall Clock Pallet Clocks
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Liliane Eymard
Liliane Eymard

C’est superbe

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