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Custom Pallet Wall Clock

This Pallet Wall Clock was so easy to make anyone can do it. I started with a paper cut-out of the size I wanted and decided on a 24″x 24″ size.

Pallet Wall Clock: Make it the way you want, and even customize it with your family name or slogans you love!

I cut the paper out into a circle. Then, I placed the cut-out onto my bench and went looking for pallet boards. I laid them onto my circle, glued with wood glue & clamped it all. Wipe off any excess glue that squeezes out, and let it dry overnight. I unclamped the glued boards and placed my circle on top of the wood, traced the circle with a marker. I cut it out with my scroll saw. Next, I got a 1/4″ piece of plywood, traced the circle, cut it out & glued/stapled it to the back of the clock. Then I sanded the wood with a palm sander, making everything perfectly round and smooth.

Stain, paint, or do a faux finish to your Pallet Wall Clock, and make it for any room of the house or even your outdoor spaces!

I stained with Minwax Jaco bean stain. I let it dry and then used a white, water-based stain. Then I  let it dry and then sanded it to give it a rustic look. Then, I used my Cricut and made numbers 2″ wide x 3″ high and wrote what I wanted. To seal it I used three coats of Mod Podge indoor/outdoor and dishwasher safe sealant. Next, I found 10″ clock hands and guts from Hobby Lobby. I found my center point in the clock, drilled the hole to fit clock guts put it in the back & traced the square needed for the clock mechanism. Finally, I used a router, cut the square, installed the clock mechanism and put the hands on. Got out router cut out the square put in the guts put on the hands.

Custom Pallet Wall Clock Pallet Clocks

Beautiful! Wouldn’t this look great over an Outdoor Pallet Lounge?

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