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by Shaun Mulryne

Kids Sandpit & Picnic Table

  • 3 pallets

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  • n/a

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Made from 3 pallets. It’s a kids sand pit and a table at the same time.

Kids Sandpit & Picnic Table Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Nicki Campbell

Yep, need that! – And I just so happen to have 3 decent pallets from the stone delivery.

Sarah Campagna Felker

Hannah this would be awesome in the kids zone!

Hannah Rose Rath

Sarah Campagna Felker love!!!

David Shepherd
David Shepherd

This looks great but where are the instructions to build it please

Marquetacassle king

Love this sand box picnic table! How do I get the plans for building it?

Yes anyway to get the plans for it?

Eileen Matte

Quelle bonne idée !


Très bonne idée !

Really like this great effort


This looks really nice! How did you use the three pallets to get the finished product?

karl crosby

Great job, absolutely love this

DieZahnfee Anettos
DieZahnfee Anettos

schau mal Christian

Brendan Mays
Brendan Mays

Justine Lloyd Jason Perrin Melissa Clare Miller Chris Perrin this would be sick for the boys

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