Pallet FurniturePallet Desks & Pallet TablesTable & Dog Crate At The Same Time


by Peter Wirzburger

Table & Dog Crate At The Same Time

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 4h

  • $12

I used four pallets for the project. Two rectangles were shaped larger ones and two smaller square ones. I lucked out that the two larger pallets were the same size except for the number and spaces of the slats. I chose the tighter slats to face out from the wall. For the top, I used slats from another pallet that I ripped and placed close together. I made the top separate so that I could remove it to clean the crate or remove the comforter. The door was rather simple. I just used a small section cut from the middle of a small pallet and attached it with simple hinges. The floor of the crate was just a piece of my old entertainment center cut to fit. I stained the crate and polyurethaned the top.

Table & Dog Crate At The Same Time Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Vanessa Normand

Aurélie go

Marie Farrell

Rosemary Harvey for the babies 😍

Rosemary Harvey
Reply to  Marie Farrell

Marie Farrell clever!

Dan Maddalena

Cool idea.

Fran Gutierrez Noriega

Yeray no es mala idea para Noah

Yeray Valiente Illanes

Fran Gutierrez Noriega mala no es no…

Aridane Valiente

Yeray Valiente Illanes Ni para Che y Tris😂😂😂

Lisa rankin
Lisa rankin

Can you explain in a little more detail exactly what u did please.

Marie Bragigand

L’idée est super sympa, mais je ne mettrais pas mon chien sous une tv………..

Gaulthier Dréano

Là sa va, la TV est fixé au mur, donc pas de souci

Guilherme Araújo

Lua Gonçalves, já achei nosso rack de tv. Que também será casa do Valentim. rs

Lua Gonçalves

Não Parece um barraco

Guilherme Araújo

Eu faço colorido… fica bonito. =P

Lua Gonçalves

Sua mãe tá rindo, acho q gostou da ideia, faz p ela tb amorzinho…kkkkkk

Leane Melo

Eu tô rindo da discussão de vcs, me tira dessa. Kkkkk

Lua Gonçalves

Se fizer essa favela, seu filho vai morar sozinho… Nem meu cachorro q tem classe vai querer hahahaha

Lua Gonçalves

Vai ele e esse móvel lindo p casa da mamãe kkkkk

Kelly Vishneski Walker

This is awesome! Great use space



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