Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsSandpits Made Out Of Recycled Pallets

Sandpits Made Out Of Recycled Pallets

We already presented sandpits projects made out of pallets (following the link here you’ll find the pdf tutorial). Here is another design submitted by a Facebook friend based in Polland

Sandpits Made Out Of Recycled Pallets Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

Sandpits Made Out Of Recycled Pallets Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

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Eva Tindemans

Dries Tindemans Leen Henne 👌

Lauriane Garcia Inchauspe

Elow Die tellement ingénieux !

Carine Fritz Walter

Nadine Ruhf Mariée Vonau pour ton homme

Julie Stockill

Ell Stockill Connie Stockill Damien Owens John Stockill Robyn Heather

Virginie Serrano Demier

Celine Rofineau-Gobin pour petit Paul, tu es bien capable de lui faire ça!!!

Bronte Blanchard

I want you to make this Brendon Blanchard

Jean Foley

What a clever idea!!

Scott Jones

Good project but not made from pallets, only pallets involved were the ones the timber showed up on

Judy Jackson

great idea

Kitty Krys

Kélita Volpi

Lambert Coralie

Tu te Calme

Tu te Calme

Merci pour l idée

Alena Janku Kovencova

Lubos Kovenc

Samantha Oliveira

Pedro Vinícius Vieira Abrahão para Pietro ;) ;)

Susan Frederix

Mick Arts!!

Brent Matppel

Mandy Appel

Hervé Fredon


Daisy Derata

Lolo-Bichette Bossuot.. je t en parlais l autre jour

Ivan Murillo

Juan Barillas Zeiry Barillas

Aurélie Paradis

Les plans sont sur internet…

Amanda Williams

Marc Sparks this is what u need to build for Joel lol

Caroline Descat

pas bête ça évite que le bac à sable finisse en litière pour chats !

Isabelle Kingsley

Marie-Eve Castonguay Mathieu Labbée ;) petite idee pour ti charlou d amour

Christelle Bouché

Nickel en plus il est grand.

Amandine Morin

Christelle Bouché pour messieur! ;)


That is awesome! What is the best way to take pallets apart?

Reply to  Bonnie

I brought a device called a pallet pal. It is wonderful to used . His name is Troy Young . Here is is email address Besides here on FB
I can be reached at.

But please email him I have bought is product 6 months ago and we use it every day .

Megan Rathje via Facebook
Megan Rathje via Facebook

That’s awesome!! :)

Le Barthomo via Facebook
Le Barthomo via Facebook

Das ist ja genial !!!

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