Other Pallet Projects5 Ways to Use Wood Pallets for Your Wedding Decor

5 Ways to Use Wood Pallets for Your Wedding Decor

As things begin to come together for your wedding, you’ll start to focus on the finer details. One of the top priorities is the wedding décor.

Both the ceremony venue and reception site need to be decked out in decorations. You’ll also need to figure out how to incorporate key elements, like a stand for the guest book and a display for the wedding cake. As you brainstorm ideas, the only thing you may be seeing is dollar signs.

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you have to get crafty to save where you can. One way to do that is to use free materials for your decorations. Wood pallets are quite possibly the perfect example. The pallets that are thrown out by businesses like Home Depot and IKEA can be repurposed in countless ways.

All you need is a little imagination and a few essential tools to create the wedding wood pallet crafts below.

Sparkler Send Off Sign

The bride and groom’s exit is one of the biggest moments of the wedding day. In the past, people would throw birdseed at the married couple. Today, the modern tradition is to use wedding sparklers if the bride and groom are heading out after dark, which is usually the case. Sparklers for weddings have become one of the trendiest ways to exit off on your wedding night. Let alone using these wedding sparklers create some of the best wedding photographs of the entire event! The best part about using wedding sparklers is they are extremely cheap! Make sure to find the proper sparklers for your wedding.

Many times the bride and groom are also sent off with a congratulations sign. If you have a few sparklers left over, some paint and a wood pallet that’s all you need to make a show-stopping send-off sign. To affix the wedding sparklers to the wood pallet merely drill holes into the edge of the top two by four. Make sure the sign is propped up securely and on a concrete or asphalt surface for safety. Creating a wedding sparkler sign allows you to notify your guests you will be doing a sparkler exit and they will stay until the very end!

Lantern Floats

5 Ways to Use Wood Pallets for Your Wedding Decor Other Pallet Projects

Are you planning to release sky lanterns during the reception? If your wedding or reception is taking place near a lake, pond or pool, you can make use of your sky lanterns in another way. Floating lanterns create a dream-like glow on the water at night, making the water source a feature rather than disappearing into the dark. Using these floating sky lanterns at weddings and events can really make your night unique. Online sky lanterns can be found rather cheaply, but we advise only to use environmentally friendly floating lanterns. If you plan to purchase sky lanterns online, please do your homework to find the right floating sky lanterns for sale.

Without any alterations, a wood pallet will float. But if you reinforce them with swim noodles wedged into the slats underneath, they’ll float and can hold the sky lanterns just fine.

Wedding Guest Board

Instead of doing a guest book, why not do a guest board? A little while back we shared this wedding guest board that’s made out of a wood pallet. It’s a super simple way to add a unique, fun element to the wedding that you can treasure forever.

Prep the wood pallet by sanding and then staining it. This will make the surface much easier for guests to write on. Once the stain has dried, you can use a metallic paint or Sharpie marker to add the bride and groom’s name in the center with the date of the wedding at the bottom. Make sure to leave plenty of room for guest signatures and short messages. Hang the board at the front entrance and tie a marker to the board to encourage everyone to sign it as they enter the reception.

Wood Pallet Platform for the Ceremony

5 Ways to Use Wood Pallets for Your Wedding Decor Other Pallet Projects
Source: Homedit

Help your guests in the back see you exchange vows with a wood pallet platform. The pallets can be stacked to give you the exact height you want for your alter.

To build a wedding platform use the approach for building a bed platform. The one difference is you’ll need to adjust the two by fours on top so that there are no gaps someone could step in. If you want you can paint the wood pallets, add greenery around the edges or rope lighting underneath for an ethereal effect.

Photo Op Backdrop

5 Ways to Use Wood Pallets for Your Wedding Decor Other Pallet Projects
Source: Custom-made

Another common trend for a modern-day wedding is to have a picture booth where guests can strike a pose. Wood pallets make the perfect backdrop because you can paint them, write on them and hang décor or signs from the slats. It’s also an easy way to make a wedding photo booth more affordable.

Take the same approach as building the platform, except this time the wood pallets will need to stand upright.

If you need more ideas out of pallets for your wedding, don’t miss our article 20 June Wedding Pallet Craft Ideas, and check out these tips to find free pallets or pallets for sale.

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