Top 5 August Pallet Ideas 2017: Sliding Pallet Doors & More!

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Summer may still be kicking our collective backsides, but soon it'll be time to retreat indoors. Don't waste the remainder of your summertime weather and make one of these Top 5 August Pallet Ideas!

Sliding Barn Doors, lounges, bars and more August Pallet Ideas will help keep those summertime blues away!

#1: Sliding Pallet Barn Doors are perfect for closets, rooms, and garages!

August Pallet Ideas include this pallet sliding barn door.
You resoundingly chose this attractive and functional Sliding Pallet Barn Door as your favorite project in August! We want to see YOUR version of this door, and where you use it!

#2: This Pallet Corner Lounge Set Has a built-in Planter Box.

Relax to the max with this Lounge Set. A brilliant example of our August Pallet Ideas.
Add outdoor living areas to your home with this Pallet Lounger Set. It even has a pallet planter box to add color!

#3: Easy projects can be elegant, and this Stacked Endtable Pallet Lounge proves it.

This easy Pallet Lounge Set has a beautiful Stacked Pallet Endtable and is our number 3 August Pallet Ideas.
When a project looks like it took a long time to build, but you know it was easy, there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in it! Add your favorite pillows or cushions, and you have a place to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

#4: Relaxation is good, but celebrations can be better, and you can improve your party with an Angled Pallet Bar!

Party like a Pallet Rock Star with this angled-edge pallet bar. Our number 4 August Pallet Ideas.
Fun in the sun, or your man cave with this Angled Edge Pallet Bar. It features extra storage shelving behind and even a bottle top remover.

#5: Since we'll be stuck back indoors before we know it, don't forget to make a sturdy Pallet Workbench with a Removable Top!

Top 5 August Pallet Ideas 2017: Sliding Pallet Doors & More!
The only reason for summertime blues is if you do not build a handy Pallet Work Bench. This one has a sturdy top that you can remove, so you won't have to hire moving men!

The kids have gone back to school (or will be soon), so build them one of our Pallet School Project Ideas!    Transform an espresso pot into a desk lamp!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Nicole Joy Robertson

I just want those doors everywhere!!!!

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Top 5 August Pallet Ideas 2017: Sliding Pallet Doors & More!

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