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Sweet Little Pallet Nesting Box For Feathered Friends

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I made this Pallet Nesting Box with just a few scrap pieces of pallet board. I included a straightforward drawing to show the finished dimensions. Our feathered friends appreciate their new home, too!

Use those scrap pieces of pallet wood to make a precious Pallet Nesting Box for your avian pals!

This Nesting Box Made With Pallet Boards box is 38.5 cm high, 22.5 cm deep and 14 cm wide. I made it with eight pallet boards measuring 60 x 7 x 1,5 cm. Stain or paint it with a bird-safe paint for years of happy, healthy nesting seasons!

Editor's note: For bird safety, you can use a product such as Real Milk Paints which are made to be bird-safe, or Pure Color's line of stains that are also non-VOC.

Nichoir Fabriqué Avec Des Planches De Palettes: Ce nichoir mesure 38,5 cm de hauteur, 22,5 cm de profondeur et 14 cm de largeur. Je l'ai fabriqué avec 8 planches de palette mesurant 60 x 7 x 1,5 cm.

This Pallet Nesting Box is a simple project that can be made from scraps of other projects.
Here are the finished dimensions for my little birdhouse. If your project isn't exact, the birds probably won't mind. Just have fun and help out the local birds in your neighborhood!
Secure your Pallet Nesting Box with natural materials or nylon, and change it yearly.

Hang the birdhouse from the tree with a thick piece of sisal rope or other sturdy product. Be sure to check it each season if it is something that can rot or weaken in the weather. For more information on healthy ways to mount a nesting box, see This Article at arboristnow.com
Use a simple wood furniture dowel as a perch. It already has texture for easy gripping. An excellent addition to your Pallet Nesting Box.
The birds enjoy the little perch made from a simple furniture dowel.
Pallet Nesting Box includes a dowel as a landing perch for the mother bird, and a place for baby birds to stretch their wings.
Use a leftover furniture dowel as the landing perch for Ma bird. The small ledge in front makes an excellent bird porch for when the little ones learn to fly.
Many species of birds like to nest in cavities, so building a Pallet Nesting Box can create an easy and safe place for those little birds to create a home.
Our bird is enjoying a little feeding time with Mother.

Now that you've spoiled your neighborhood birds don't forget your four-legged friends.


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