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Simple Tea Light Holder from Block End off Cut

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I was cutting a pallet board with the block end still attached, I usually burn the ends in my stove, but this one had other ideas. It fell to the floor as it was cut off and stood on end pretty much as you see it now.

However, the simple idea soon became a bit of labour. The wood was damp, so I dry it near the stove, and the planks warped. I removed the nails and set about it with the belt sander to level things off. Glued and screwed the planks back onto the block, drill a 38mm hole using a flat wood bit, this is perfect for IKEA glimma tea light candles. After some more sanding and a bit of wood filler, followed by a coat of Briwax it was done. Sometimes it pays to look at your off cuts; you never know what is waiting to appear.

Simple Tea Light Holder from Block End off Cut Pallet Candle Holders Pallet Lamps & Lights

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James Biddulph

Now I know what to do with that pallet in the car Sara Biddulph

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