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Dinosaur Bookend with a Two-color Repurposed Pallet Block

By Reusine

When we dismantle wood pallets, we have lots of creative possibilities using its wooden planks but we do not think about the blocks of wood that are inserted between the […]

Pallet Block Becomes Decorative Spice Bottle Holder

By Waldor

These spices bottle holders were made from recycled pallet blocks. I preserved the natural appearance of the wood and applied natural wax for the finish. The holes were made with […]

Unbelievable Pallet Block Art Pieces!

By palletmanmark

I wanted to find another use for the blocks of wood pallets are constructed from, so I carved this.

Dismantling Block-style Pallets Easily!

By Karell

My DIY Video Tutorial will demonstrate the easy technique for dismantling block-style pallets!  Pallets are not all created equal. In this particular video, I’m going to show you how to […]


Pallet Wood Sugar Packet Holders / Porta Bustine Zucchero

By FLAB arredo pallets

Here’s a super-simple project you can make with scrap pallet pieces. Pallet Wood Sugar Packet Holders! Clever design and a fun gift for family or friends! Una cosa molto semplice da […]


Hear, Speak, See No Evil Pallet Ghosts

By Neokentin

We tried to be spooky, but we’re too cute! I made this little trio of Hear, Speak, See No Evil Pallet Ghosts out of pallet leftovers. They were sanded and painted […]


Elvish Pallet Candle Holders

By jolivencia

White pair of candle holder whith elvish text printed with transfer technique.


Bougeoir Pieds De Palettes / Pallet Blocks Into Candlesticks

By Steph83

I made these candlesticks with recycled pallet blocks using a drill, one 38mm drill bit, and 80 gr. sandpaper. Make a cross in the center and drill to the thickness […]

Pallet Lamp from a Pallet Block

By Neokentin

I made this from a block from a pallet. The ones with the markings on are best. I had a spare lamp fitting and flex that I painted black, and […]

Candlestick in the Form of Letters Made out of Pallet Blocks

By Neokentin

In this attempt, I sculpted the word “Merci” (the French “Thank you”) with 3 pallets blocks as raw material. I also use it as a candlestick. Facile à faire avec […]

Make a Pallet Yard Yahtzee Dice Set

By HeatherStiletto

Like to put those phones down and reacquaint yourself with your family? Here’s a fun way – make yourself a Yard “Yahtzee”.


Snowmen For Christmas, Handmade From Timber Off Cuts

By ivordowel

I use bits & bobs of timber off cuts to try & create useful & unique ideas … That are practical & easy to make for any level of pallet recycler.

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