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Scrap Pallet Desk

I started off on Google and YouTube looking for ideas for a desk and came across ideas made from pallets. After I had saw a few very interesting things, I decided to take it into my hands and ideas. This whole project was to be resourceful more than anything using only wood I had left from projects, although I had to break down and spend 3.50 on a 2x4.

I had 2 pallets to use, one 2x4 (which was THE only wood purchased to use for the just the legs), a piece of plywood, and other scrap wood to join the legs together and make a angle leg brace, a cross brace under the table for stability and a couple pieces of 1x6 to attached the to the underside of the table.(to be able to attach it to the table frame).

I cut a piece of plywood to the size of the desk I wanted and start miter cutting the pieces of pallet wood on a 45 angle across on one side. After I had all the pieces laid out to fit and style I wanted, I glued them down and used finish nails around ends and across the middles and clamped them down.

Note: I did not miter and measure to fit, I only mitered one side, after the glue had dried I ran a circular saw to cut off the access wood on each side. I then sanded the top to my liking.

I then cut the pallet frame to fit table top of the desk, flipped upside down and attached 1x6 around the edges to the table top, then used pocket holes to attach the top to the frame of the desk. I then, cut my legs to the height I wanted, made some braces to fit between them, used a piece of the long part of a pallet to attach the back legs, I also built a shelf to match the top, and used the keg jig to attach it into place.

I also stained the legs dark walnut; I had an odd leg that didn't match so taking a stain to them made sense, the legs are the only thing that got stained, all was natural colors. After all was assembled I took the sander out again to smooth out the edges and give a final look over I used three coats of a Polycyclic water-based clear coat.

Scrap Pallet Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

Scrap Pallet Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

Scrap Pallet Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

Scrap Pallet Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

Scrap Pallet Desk Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables


Josh D

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Is somewhere a blueprint of the pieces of this beautifull work?

I’m not able o find it…

Josh DiPetro
Josh DiPetro

sorry i dont have blue prints for it, i just made it to fit a space in the room, you can make it any size you want!


Nice, thanks for sharing!


Thank you!

Adele Challis

Devon Graham

Lauren Sauers

Andrew Sauers make this one for Jill R

Trace Booker


Danny Mariotti

Melissa Sato, Selene Imamura, Cláudia Mariotti

Melissa Sato

Adorei essa diferença de tonalidade!! Ficou show!! Borá começar os trabalhos??

Cláudia Mariotti

Lindaaa… tbm aprovei Mel Melissa Sato, boraaaa

Sr. Imperfecto

pallets ;)

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