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by Örn Arnarson Hackert

Pallet Dinner Table

I made this pallet dinner table out of EURO pallets for a friend of mine. I thought the outcome was pretty nice and wanted to share it with you. It was cheap to build and didn’t take too much time.

Pallet Dinner Table Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Bonnie Rauwerdink

Inspirational idea. My wheels are turning.

Deanna R. Jones
Deanna R. Jones

I really liked how you used pallets for a kitchen table. I’m all about recycling old wooden and metal materials to make them into something new. Converting wooden pallets into pieces to make a table is a great way to make a table any way you want it to look.

Mirta Perujo

hermoso trabajo!!

Sandrine Moreews
Sandrine Moreews

J’ADOOOORE 1001 pallets!!!!!!!

Edzon Miranda Carmona

Eder Miranda mira este comedor

Sabrina Abeck
Sabrina Abeck

pas mal comme table

Marie Jose Melo
Marie Jose Melo

superbe !

Manuela Öla von Geib

Ralf Geib Jana Geib :-)

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