Rustic Pallet Rocker

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 6h

  • $15

This Rustic Pallet Rocker only took two pallets and six hours to make. It only cost 15 bucks, too! I also used two upcycled landscaping ties and one 2x6 to do this project.

How I made this Rustic Pallet Rocker:

I cut the first pallet in half lengthwise. I cut one-half of that pallet into two pieces to form the seat. I dismantled all of the deck boards from the second pallet to use as the back. I wanted it to look like an Adirondack chair when I was done.  I laid out the back pieces and braced them with two more deck boards, one at the top and one at the lower portion of the back.  I carved out the shape along the top of the three boards forming the back of the chair.

I attached the assembled back to the seat using 3" screws. I cut the landscaping ties in half and then made two more cuts to break them down into six pieces.  I used four of those as supports for the rocker and two for the arm rests.

I made a stencil of a rocker foot we have at home on our deck. I traced the shape onto the 2x6 and cut them out. I sanded each rocker piece carefully to get the right curve. When I was satisfied, I attached them securely with more 3" screws. I painted the entire piece a rustic brick/barn red in a gloss finish to protect it from the elements. I only sanded the piece lightly to make the piece comfortable but wanted to preserve that rustic look of the pallet boards and the ties.

The chair is comfortable, functional, and I think it looks terrific on our deck. This is a fun project, and if you've got some spare pallets and other scrap lumber, give it a try!

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Bio: Handi with my hands, in other words, I love to make interesting things from pallets.... read more

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Love My Body Well

who else really loves this ?


Definitely I do too! <3 Nice job!


beau travail bravo

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