How I Made A Wooden Pallet House In The Children’s Room

By DJHydron

This project was realized on the basis of the idea that meant that the wooden house would be a place in a children’s room where a child of two years […]

Pjay & Stacy’s Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

This six foot long 3 feet wide pallet bar is fully loaded…

Diy: 4-pallets Coffee Table

By Neokentin

A friend sent me a pic of a coffee table she liked and asked me to make it for her. It took a little while to find the pallets because I don’t live in a very industrial area, but the ones I did find had nice contrasting features that accentuated the end result.

Dinosaur Bookend with a Two-color Repurposed Pallet Block

By Reusine

When we dismantle wood pallets, we have lots of creative possibilities using its wooden planks but we do not think about the blocks of wood that are inserted between the […]

Pallet Sign: Wooden Epitaph for Shakespeare’s

By CarolVZ

I was hired to make props for a local outdoor production of Much Ado. The director’s concept was a Mediterranean Beach Town setting. I wanted to get a driftwood vibe, but large (3’x2′) pieces of driftwood weren’t gonna happen, at least not at any reasonable price. So I thought about weathered wood, and that’s where inspired me!

Flexible Design: Pallet Counter, Cash Wrap, or Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

We built this 8-foot-long Pallet Cash Wrap, or Pallet Counter, using five pallets. It features different cut sizes, and we painted some boards a few different colors to add character. […]

Pallet Wood Stenciled Frame For Beautiful Vintage Mirror

By Second-Chance-Wood-Pallet

I created this Pallet Wood Stenciled Frame for an incredible antique mirror. I painted the project with a light color. Then, I applied a stencil with a contrasting color. Upcycle those […]

Painted Branch-handle Pallet Tote Crate With Decoupage Accents

By kelly

“Hands Across the Sea” Souvenir Tote Made from Pallet Boards, Branch, Printable and Tiny Sea Shells…. It’s not as Difficult as it Looks!


Butcherblock Style Pallet Side Table

By Neokentin

This Butcherblock Style Pallet Side Table was created using several reclaimed materials. I used pallet wood, pine off-cuts, and four reclaimed stair banister spindles. The design incorporates a contrasting two tone […]

Solid Little Pallet Bench

By Neokentin

Here’s an all-purpose, Solid Little Pallet Bench that could be used for construction to parties. This bench is a simple build and only cost about four dollars. My Solid Little […]

Pallet Corner Garden Lounge Set

By Annbloomer

This Pallet Corner Garden Lounge Set was a relatively easy build. If I can make it, trust me, anyone can! It took me longer than the average person, but then […]

A Wee Pallet Bench for a Wee Niece

By Handihands

To construct the bench, I cut one pallet lengthwise. One-half to make the seating portion then I used the other half to make the back. Because it was for my niece, who is two. I wanted to make it bright and appealing, so I had a few extra pieces of a previous pallet I had used on another project to make the sun that appears above back of the bench. I found four used 2×4’s to form the post. The roof is two small pallets. I cut each of these at an angle then cut out four pieces of plywood in the shape of a triangle to join the to pallets together. I attachehed the roof to the four post by cutting two short 2×4’s and screwing them on each side of the bench at the top of the post. These are the support for the roof. I also found a couple of left over pieces of a small pallet to make the picket fence on each dide of the bench. Finally, I painted the little house bench in bright colors to give the effect of a tiny house. My niece loved it!

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