One Pallet Equals Two Side Tables

By Diy-er

I wanted to make two side tables that were visually similar with the only difference being that one has four legs, and the other has three.


Pallet Turtle-foot Table

By Neokentin

For this Pallet Turtle-Foot Table, I used two EPAL pallets and four turtle statues as decorative table feet.  We added a glass top and turned two pallets into a conversation piece! […]


Wall Art Pallet Wood Fish

By roddas

Brighten up any wall or reception area of an office with large colourful Pallet Wood Fish. They make a statement and are a great conversational pieces.


Pirate-themed Pallet Bar

By Neokentin

Check out this fantastic Pirate-Themed Pallet Bar! This creative use of pallets and other materials cost around 75 dollars and used three pallets. Give it a try! How I made my Pirate-Themed […]

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar

By Neokentin

Why buy an overpriced, low-quality bar when you can build a Pallet and Scrapwood Bar that you can custom design to your home and your personal style? How I built […]


Rustic Pallet Rocker

By Handihands

I always wanted to make a rocker but was afraid they would be too complicated, I thought about it, checked out several ideas from different pictures and info I gathered on line then decided I would try it using my pallets.


Pallet Wall Planters

By Neokentin

I made a variety of Pallet Wall Planters. These are easy and fun to make, as well as attractive! All of these only took one pallet and about an hour […]


Small Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

I made this Small Pallet Bookcase as my first real pallet project. I used two pallets, and it took me about 7 hours to make. Finishing my Small Pallet Bookcase: I […]


Easy Pallet Bench

By Neokentin

I made this Easy Pallet Bench to have somewhere in my garage to sit and play guitar. If you ask any guitarist, they’ll all tell you that seating with armrests […]


Pallet Side Table

By Neokentin

I made this little Pallet Side Table so I’d have a place to put my things when I’m playing my guitar. I built this in three hours, and it only used […]


Pallet Deck/Lounge Area

By 1Terry11

I made this Pallet Deck/Lounge Area after we had a lathe delivered at work. The lathe came with a large 12′ X 4′ wooden container that was going to be […]


Lucite-topped Pallet Table

By Dave1970

You can elevate the mundane to elegant! I made this Lucite-Topped Pallet Table in only three hours to go with my pallet bench. It used four double-wing pallets and is […]

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