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by Jenna Wright

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar

  • 1.5 pallets

  • medium

  • 15h

  • $30

Why buy an overpriced, low-quality bar when you can build a Pallet and Scrapwood Bar that you can custom design to your home and your personal style?

How I built my Pallet and Scrapwood Bar:

I used all scrap wood (4×4, 2×2 and plywood) as well as pallets for this project. I aimed for an earthy, upcycled, beachy look. We installed locking casters/wheels so that we can move the bar wherever we need. We drilled holes in the upper sides and used pieces of nautical sisal rope instead of store-bought handles, securing them in place with simple knots. We feel it really softens the look and makes it much more organic feeling.

We recessed the sides to create shallow shelves to hold cups or any miscellaneous items. The inside of the bar is divided in half vertically, and then in half horizontally on one side. This created a set of shelves inside.  We used pallets for the top and sanded them fairly smooth. We had a lot of fun painting them in a variety of colors, all in very natural tones with a gloss finish. We painted the body and insides of the bar a bright, clean white using Kilz 2 Latex for easy maintenance.

We built the project to be lightweight. We wanted it to be portable even when loaded with a lot of fun party supplies! Now we have a lot of storage space for a party or serving ware, bartending supplies, or anything else we want. We also have the flexibility of moving the party wherever we need to! And the best part is this only cost about 30 dollars!

We love the colors and the beachy feel, but you could have fun with a variety of finishes, colors and hardware to suit your home. This project used about 1 1/2 pallets, and took us about fifteen hours to complete, but it was well worth it.

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar Pallet Bars

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar Pallet Bars

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar Pallet Bars

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar Pallet Bars

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar Pallet Bars

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