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Pallet Attic Hatch

By Lab11

After some work in the house, there is a place where it was not possible to install a classic trapdoor with retractable stairs. So we had to face the facts, […]

2 Bookshelf Ideas with Pallet for Your Dorm

By Neokentin

There is nothing as exciting as making your own pallet bookshelf. The idea of having to use a few pieces of wood and end up with an incredible design is […]

Pallet Fairy Garden with Mushrooms & Candles

By Reusine

Cheap, lightweight and robust, pallet wood is an ideal material to create an entrance, terrace or garden. So I had the idea to create myself this interior or exterior decoration […]

Using Pallets to Build a Great Yard

By Neokentin

A home lawn is a wonderful asset. It’s so much more than simply a buffer between houses. It’s a space that you can share with family and friends to make […]

Woodworking Projects Using Reclaimed Wood: Worth the Effort!

By Neokentin

Using Reclaimed Wood for woodworking projects has been done for centuries–often as a matter of necessity. Currently, reclaimed wood is undergoing something of a resurgence. Current DIY shows have made […]

Where To Find Free Wood? 13 Ideas to Try!

By HeatherStiletto

You have an idea, and you have wood pallets. However, your project needs other free wood. Where can you find free sources of upcycled wood? We’ve got 13 ideas that you […]

10 Last-minute Upcycled Wooden Christmas Ideas For You!

By HeatherStiletto

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we’ve got 10 Last-Minute Upcycled Wooden Christmas Ideas for you to build or buy! If you’ve got the time, make one or more of these […]


Several Different Pallet Storage Chest Ideas

By Mario

I love winter! Here in Croatia, winters tend to be very cold and snowy. There is nothing more beautiful than a crackling fire and warmth in the house while the outside is -10 C. But where to keep the wooden logs for the fireplace? In the wooden chest made of pallets! I made my first pallet chest for my wife as a present but soon I made a few more for my friends and family.


Pallet Wood Outdoor Table Featuring Upcycled Tiles

By Antonio

This is a table for 6 or 8 persons made with tiles more tan 100 years old and pallet wood.


Upcycled Floorboards Becomes a Headboard

By yb1971

This project used some wonderful, rustic floorboards to create a fabulous headboard. Here’s our upcycled floorboard becomes a headboard, lit up and ready to use.  We built this project to our […]

Pallet and Scrapwood Bar

By Neokentin

Why buy an overpriced, low-quality bar when you can build a Pallet and Scrapwood Bar that you can custom design to your home and your personal style? How I built […]


Rustic Pallet Birdhouses

By RusticRiverina

A lack of work & funds get the better of the best of us, So I set out to make some items out of free materials found locally.

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