Pallet TutorialsDIY Pallet TutorialsRepurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper

Repurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper

Tool Review: a Repurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper for woodworking?!? YES!

Repurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper DIY Pallet Tutorials

I’ve recently had the opportunity to voice my opinion about tools for women (yeah, that was me), and when the opportunity arose to do a review of my favorite tools, I couldn’t resist. You can read my “Size Does Matter from a Woman’s Perspective” to know about my favorite power- and hand-tools… but what if you don’t have a traditional woodworking shop? There are ways to work around it, my pallet-friends!

I have a nice little shed that we built, but if you build anything bigger than a small jewelry box, I have to go outside. Plus, running a power planer in the shed would be a nightmare of a mess at best. Getting set up isn’t too bad when you’re energetic at the start of a day, but at the end of a hot, dusty day, particularly if the Pallet Gods didn’t shine down favorably on you, or the mosquitoes did, then end-of-day cleanup just . . . SUCKS.

Repurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper DIY Pallet Tutorials

But why a Repurposed Janitorial Cart?

I’ve used little bins and totes, buckets and boxes, but that means that your stuff gets piled into a big, cluttered mess. I wanted my tools to have a “permanent”, but mobile home.

Here’s where an excellent find from the swap meet saves the day. My husband found a Global Janitorial Cart that someone had modified. They’d cut off the trash bin holder at the back, and had added some narrow slots. My husband installed a piece of chain link post where the trash bin used to mount. It’s a terrific handle to move the cart around through drifts of sawdust, over the grass and through graveled areas. Plus the piece of the post was something we had lying around.

My husband got it for a steal! However,  even brand new, the cost is modest for the convenience and durability. It’s easy to put everything away when everything has a home. I just roll my Repurposed Janitorial Cart towards the shed, picking up and organizing my tools along the way back to my shed. When I end my day, I simply roll the whole thing back into my shed, lock the doors and I’m DONE. That’s a great feeling.

Repurposed Janitorial Cart into a Crafter’s Helper DIY Pallet Tutorials

I use the lowest shelf for things that DO have designated locations in my shed, but I’m not done with them – such as my random-orbit sander or palm sander. I have a small Harbor Freight Tools 1 in. x 5 in. Combination Belt and Disc Sander  that’s in this category right now.

The Pallet Community is excellent at repurposing. We can recycle non-traditional tools into something  handy like this Repurposed Janitorial Cart:

Most of us aren’t professional crafters; we don’t have large, corporate tool manufacturers to provide equipment for free. I do not have one of those huge workshops (I freakin’ WISH!). We have to figure out ways to work around the limitations our modest lifestyles put upon us. Of course, I adore the traditional tools I’ve acquired, but this little cart has got to be my most favorite addition. The best part? The husband only paid twenty bucks for my little Repurposed Janitorial Cart.

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