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Quick, Easy, Useful Forklift Arch Pallet Tray

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Use the natural characteristics of pallets to your advantage and make a Forklift Arch Pallet Tray! You’ll only need about an hour, and you won’t spend a dime! Can’t beat that at all! :) I’ve been short on time lately but really wanted to get out to the shop and build something. My wife had wanted a pallet tray for the table so I decided that would be a perfect, quick project to do.

Forklift Arch Pallet Tray:

I used a pallet stringer as the handles, taking advantage of the built-in curves as handles. I attached deck boards using a 16-gauge finish nailer and 1.25″ nails. First, break down a pallet and pick out some of the better boards. Next, either sand them or plane them to your liking. Cut a stringer board at both of the forklift arch points, cutting them to the width you desire. Next, Cut a deck board into two pieces and cut to the length you wish. Attach the two lengths and butt-join them to the ends of the stringer boards, with the arches facing down. Finally, add deck boards to the bottom of the tray after trimming to width. Secure with nails (as described above) or pre-drill and countersink screws.

Quick, Easy, Useful Forklift Arch Pallet Tray Pallet Home Accessories

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