by Marc & Leslie Jones

Pallets Doghouse

Doghouse made with recycled pallets for my German Shepherd Dog.

Pallets Doghouse Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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Dawn Rook

That must be one big dog

Fred Manu
Fred Manu

Adeline pour ta grosse doudounne

Mandi Park Carmichael
Mandi Park Carmichael

Judging by the dish size, I do believe there is a small horse in there..

B-rad Umuck

Please be aware pallets being used to build animal shelters……….. i but a pallet in my dog kennel like this pictured … my dog got her leg cought between the the slats and it cripled her for life both mentally as well as she chewed off her tail and part of her leg. Please be carefull not to leave narrow opening where your pets can get their foot in and become wedged.

Sharon Owen

Love it!!

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