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Palletized Plant Stand System For Healthier Plants

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I use commercially available pallets and build furniture-quality Palletized Plant Stand System products. This makes large and small potted plants portable, easy to care for, and to display.

Using my basic concept, any plant stands conceivable can be developed. My concept is to put wheels under any size pallet so pallet jacks, forklifts, etc. are an option. Most potted plants, especially larger ones, are difficult to move around. When potted plants are placed in their catch basin and watered, they stand in their wastewater. This can cause root rot and even death of the plant.


My palletized plant stand system produces the finest quality healthy plants possible. I have made large plant stands used to move plants around in Trade Shows, to ornamental plant stands for the home. Examples include a plant stand like an end table that can be flipped upside down to make a floor stand. I think I need to send photos to get my point across.

Looking for an original planter? You must see this Mini Pallet Wheelbarrow Plant Stand!

Palletized Plant Stand System For Healthier Plants Pallet Home Accessories
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