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Pyrography Pallet Plant Stands Are Rustic & Gorgeous!

By OurRusticFamily

Thes plant stands were built using upcycle pallets… But can be used for many things just use your imagination.

Rustic Pallet Shelf/Flower Stand

By Lab11

My DIY Video Tutorial shows you how to create my Pallet Shelf/Flower Stand. This project is the latest in the series of my “rustic” projects for a customer. Since it […]

Pallet Arched Plant Stand

By Roy-Cat

I made this Pallet Arched Plant Stand from a single pallet. This is a simple project that would look good in your front yard or back yard. Leave it natural […]


Palletized Plant Stand System For Healthier Plants


I developed a superior plant stand that provides excellent drainage to potted plants and allows the largest plants to be moved around the home, patio, or any application where mobility is desired. Design options of vegetable stand structure is unlimited–floor stands, table stands etc. depending on application casters, skids, wheels attached for mobility. Hole drilled in pallet and kitchen or suitable drain set in hole, plant pot centered over drain and catch basin slid into pallet located under drain. Space between pot drain hole and catch basin provides sharp drainage avoiding root rot.


Plant Stand From Repurposed Pallet

By Neokentin

A good opportunities to use unfinished pallets and use them into a plant stand for my terrace.


Pallet Indoor Planter With Lights

By Neokentin

Here is a great project of a pallet planter with integrated lights and plants. It makes a perfect green corner in the living room.


A Pallet Plant Stand

By Neokentin

My 1st attempt at a pallet project definitely won’t put any carpenters out of work! LoL! But the pallets were free and only spent about $30 in good deck screws […]


Pallet Shelf for Plants

By Neokentin

A cool place for Buddha to chill with his plants and frog friends!

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