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by Chris Welch

Pallet Wood Mounted Bottle Opener Collection

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • $30

Here’s a quick and easy project to do with some scrap pallet wood. Make some of these terrific Pallet Wood Mounted Bottle Opener projects! All you need are some old cast iron openers, different cap catchers (magnet, jar, and metal) and a bit of creativity!

Pallet Wood Mounted Bottle Opener:

First, find a piece of scrap pallet board, and determine what you want to use as a bottle cap catcher. Next, sand and finish the board any way you choose – stain, varnish, paint, add logos, etc. Then, add a wall mount to the back side of the board, and then mount your bottle cap catcher device. Hang it up and put it to use!

And, if you also need a bottle cap catcher, see this article: Party Ready Pallet Bottle Cap Catcher!

Pallet Wood Mounted Bottle Opener Collection Pallet Home Accessories

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