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Pallet Wood Raised Planter Beds / Carré Potager En Pallet

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Skip the stooping and be kind to your back with these small-space-friendly Pallet Wood Raised Planter Beds! I built these pallet planter boxes because most of my land has poor soil conditions. It is easy to amend a small, controlled area, and this idea was simple to build!

Stand up for joy with these Pallet Wood Raised Planter Beds!

Part of my land is rocky with a lot of clay, and despite attempts to amend it, I had little success. I decided to create square-foot raised garden beds to use my garden better.  This idea allows me to use a good part of my massive pile of compost. In short, nothing complicated, bins of 1m 60cm by 1m by 40cm high. The boards are treated with linseed oil on ALL sides of each board before assembly. The boards used for the top border were torched to create a contrast between the color of the wood and the charred areas. A food-safe liner was placed in the bins to slow down the decay of the planks. I mounted everything with visible screws to facilitate easy maintenance as boards decay.

Fill those Pallet Wood Raised Planter Beds up like permaculture bumps!

I filled the bins similar to the way permaculture bumps get layered. First, I lined the bottom with logs and trunks. Then, I added soil, grass clippings, and then compost, filling the bins up. It took 42 wheelbarrow loads, or 2056 m3 of soil to fill the four planters. Filling the boxes was much more tiring than the construction of the bins themselves. This idea is a simple project that isn't too technical. It only took a few hours to make, too!

Save your back; raise 'em up! Raised Pallet Wood Planter Beds are ingenious!

J'avais une partie de mon terrain avec une terre argileuse et caillouteuse, après différents essais pour essayer d'améliorer le sol sans succès, j'ai décidé de créer des carrés potager afin de d'aménager cette partie du jardin. Cela me permet au passage d'utiliser une bonne partie de mon énorme tas de compost.

En bref, rien de compliqué, des bacs de 1m60 sur 1m sur 40cm de haut, les planches sont traitées à l'huile de lin sur les 6 faces de chaque planche avant montage, les planches de contour son quand à elle brulée au chalumeau pour créer un contraste entre la couleur du bois et le noir. Une bâche géotextile a été placée dans les bacs afin de ralentir la pourriture des planches. Tout a été monté avec des vis apparentes afin de pouvoir éventuellement démonter qu'une partie du bac afin de changer les planches au moment de l'entretien des bacs.

Les bacs ont été rempli de la manière des butes de Permaculture, des buches / troncs au fond, de la terre, de l'herbe de tonde, et ensuite à nouveau du compost jusqu'a remplir le bacs. Pour l'anecdote, il m'a fallu 42 brouettes soit 2, 56m3 de terre pour remplir le tout, cela été plus fatigant que la construction des bacs en eux même. Un projet simple, aucune difficulté technique, juste un peu de temps, de travail pour un résultat sympathique.

Square-foot Planter Beds make gardening quite efficient.
Square-foot gardening is a very efficient way to grow your veggies and herbs!
Raised Planter Beds are an excellent solution to poor soil. Trying to amend your entire yard is challenging; managing a small area is easy.
Raised beds are an excellent solution to poor soil. Trying to amend your entire yard is challenging; managing a small area is easier.
The top borders of the Planter Beds were woodburned for contrast.
The top borders were woodburned for contrast.
I left the screws exposed on the Planter Beds so that I can replace the boards as they break down.
I left the screws exposed so that I can replace boards as they break down.
Don't run away from imperfect wood! Use it and celebrate the knot holes and twisted wood grains!
Imperfections are beautiful!
No more back pain when you build Pallet Planter Beds! Sit down on these boxes & do your gardening comfortably. use your yard efficiently, too! If you have poor soil or drainage, this can be a fast and fun solution, too! #diypalletplanter


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Bio: A Belgian woodworker with a passion for reclaimed wood.... read more

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