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Pallet Wood Heart-shaped Wall Art: Save The Date!

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I made this giant, geometric Pallet Wood Heart-Shaped Wall Art with one pallet. The heart is a simple assembly, and I hand-painted the lettering using chalk paints. Two coats of clear wax seal the surfaces of this project. This idea is perfect for a wedding gift, or as part of the wedding decor. Hang this in your entryway to remind you every time you enter of that special day, too!

Commemorate that magical date with a Pallet Wood Heart-Shaped Wall Art Piece!

First, I dismantled a pallet and sanded the boards. Next, I applied wood glue at all joining edges and surfaces. I used two boards as bracing on the back. I clamped the piece together and used a nail gun to further secure the art piece together. Next, I hand-painted the project, using anthracite gray chalk paint and highlighted with white chalk paint. I didn’t stain the wood at all and left it natural. Finally, I applied two coats of clear wax to seal the surfaces. I used two screw eyes with a picture wire strung across them for hanging the art piece on a wall.

Pallet Wood Heart-shaped Wall Art: Save The Date! Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

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