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Football Super-fan Pallet Wall Art

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 4h

  • $15

I made this Football Super-Fan Pallet Wall Art using the most undesirable pieces of wood that I could find in my entire collection. I used my planer and sander to get the wood smooth, and then I glued the pieces together. It’s important to let the glue set overnight if you choose not to use any other method to connect the wood.

Football Super-Fan Pallet Wall Art: Let everyone know which team(s) you cheer on and decorate your garage, man cave, living room, shed or outdoor bar area!

First, find some pallet wood or separate a pallet. Next, plane the wood or sand it very smooth. You may need a hand planer to straighten the edges. Glue the boards together and clamp in place, then allow to dry overnight. There are plenty of free websites on-line that you could use to create a stencil. Find one you like, and you can print out your favorite team(s). I used regular craft paint instead of spray paint this time. However, I did seal both of the projects with spray-on gloss because it’s so easy to use.  Add a picture frame hanger on the back, and you’re ready to go! Good luck with your next projects!

Football Super-fan Pallet Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

Great job! This would sure look great hanging behind (or even on) a terrific pallet bar, wouldn’t it?

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