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by Trevor

High-tech Devices in Low-tech Pallet Frames

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When Digital marries Pallet Wood, you can put High-Tech Devices in Low-Tech Pallet Frames. I have been working on some projects that put together the idea of the digital devices we use and how to make them look rustic or less modern. This is my first creation: 4 digital picture frames placed into one single wood frame.

About my Pallet Frames:

Of course, I use pallet wood. I used a technique of pressing the wood hard against the table saw to create some burnt areas while I split the pallet wood planks. Next, I ripped the deck boards down to approximately 1 1/2″ for the thickness, but you could rip them down to any size you wanted. Finally, I put the frame pieces in so that they almost resembled window mullions.

Next, I sanded the frame pieces gently, preserving the saw character and natural interest of the pallet wood. I dampened a cloth with stain and just kind of went to town on the piece. I ended up staining the front and back.

Finishing touches on the Pallet Frames:

I ended up routing out the wider deck boards on the back. This allowed the SD cards and power cords to connect to the back of the picture frames. Otherwise, the deck boards held in the digital frames. The picture frames where measured and the wood cut just right so the wood wedges the pictures in place. Well, it is pallet wood, so it was almost perfect… but some tape and wedges on the back fixed the imperfection.

The picture frames used to be some red color. I used a can of matte-finish black spray paint to take care of that pesky red color.

Hope you like, and it inspires you to marry more technology with rustic wood!

Editor’s note: We love that you were courageous enough to show us that even when working with imperfect pallet wood, you can adapt and conquer any pallet project like these digital & pallet frames. PS – keep these digital/wood marriages coming – they’re very interesting!

High-tech Devices in Low-tech Pallet Frames Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

High-tech Devices in Low-tech Pallet Frames Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

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Heather Stiletto

I think this idea looks so cool!

Heidi Figura
Heidi Figura

Absoloutely love it ! You have great vision and this is just the sort of look I love but lack the creative brain storming to come up with the idea. Great job !

Reply to  Heidi Figura

Heidi – Heather the admin. assistant here!

I felt the same way when I first started… but as I gave projects a try, I started looking at EVERYTHING and started to look underneath to see how things were built. Now, I’m constantly seeing things and making my husband laugh when I’ll say, “Psh. That’s simple and straightforward. I could make that,” and then I will! :-D If you’ve got desire, this site will get you started. But be warned, pallet crafts are addictive! Happy Palleting as always~

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