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Pallet Vegetable Bin

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Here’s an excellent idea for extra storage – this Pallet Vegetable Bin! You only need a single pallet to make this, too. I started this project by finding the perfect pallet. I wanted a “well-weathered” look.

How I made my Pallet Vegetable Bin:

First, I dismantled the pallet and pulled out all of the nails. This was harder on the stringers since they were hardwood. The trick I used was to use a pair of Vice Grips and a pry bar. This was the easiest way I found it.

Once I had it dismantled, I started planning the size of crates to build. I had the perfect spot in mind, so they had to be a certain size and overall height. Then I cut all my pieces on my radial arm saw and assembled my wood crates, all with a hammer and nails. Next, I had to cut the legs. I had a specific height, so I already knew how long to make them. I used more of the pallet stringers to make the support feet. Finally, I got to bring it all together for my finished product. I fastened the feet to the legs, and the legs to the bins using screws, angling the bins so they’d be easy to use and for the look.

I didn’t bother with any finishes; I liked the natural rustic look. This was my first pallet project,  and I’m really happy with how this Pallet Vegetable Bin came out. Plus, I think it looks great in my house.

Editor’s note: Please see our informational page on what pallets are safe to use. It’s always a good idea to know the source of your pallet, as well as how it was treated for use near food products. Some chemical-treated pallets can be toxic. Be safe and happy crafting!

Pallet Vegetable Bin Pallet Home Accessories
Pallet Vegetable Bin Pallet Home Accessories
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Jacqueline Chambers

Gary Chambers


I’m new to pallet crafting and I guess woodworking in general. Could you please send me some dimensions and basic instructions for the vegetable bin? Thank you!

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