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Pallet Vegetable Bin Has Many Handy Uses

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When you pick up the vegetables, you have to store them. That’s why I made this handy Pallet Vegetable Bin. It is sturdy, but allows air to circulate, and looks nice too. 

This Pallet Vegetable Bin could be used to hold shoes, toys, or size it to store your vinyl records! Turn it on the side and you’ve got a little bookcase too!

This simple design allows the crafter lots of flexibility with how they’ll use it. Combine several and create a bookcase. Use it as a great trunk organizer in your car, or in your kid’s closet to catch all their shoes. Or, use it for the intended purpose as you harvest from your raised pallet garden beds!

Pallet Vegetable Bin Has Many Handy Uses Pallet Boxes & Chests
This attractive crate could be used in any room for great pallet storage solutions, or in your garage or shed for a little tote crate.

A fun Kid’s Project could be this DIY Kid’s Grocery Store! Store your firewood in style with this Tardis Firewood Box

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