Pallet FurniturePallet Shelves & Pallet Coat HangersPallet Storage for the Kitchen

Pallet Storage for the Kitchen

A beautiful & simple way to repurpose an old rustic wooden pallet into a kitchen storage shelf.

Pallet Storage for the Kitchen Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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Tanya Stodart

Frankie Pridemore

Marilyn Hanson

We are redoing our kitchen cupboards with some awesome pallet wood!!!!!


I’ve found that soaking the pallets first, reduces splitting the timber when removing the nails

Sue Judd

I have asked before but no reply can anyone tell me how to get the nails out of the pallets without splitting the boards please.

David SC Bump
David SC Bump
Reply to  Sue Judd

Sue, the only that I have found to do that consistently is to use a sawsall reciprocaing saw.

Sue Judd
Reply to  Sue Judd

Thanks I’ll go looking for one

Scrap wood city


Cat Kim

Encore pour yuyu!


Love this ! Would love to have entire kitchen like this in a tuscan theme. Just beautifull.

mailo di nhaiv
mailo di nhaiv
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