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by Dennis Young

Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

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Coffee cups multiply when they sit in a dark cupboard. Make your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder and you can store the extras or display your favorite ones!

How to build your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder:

First, create a frame by attaching four deck boards to two deck boards running the opposite direction. The hardware can be installed either on the front or back side, depending on your personal aesthetic. I made two shelves by cutting triangular pieces and attaching more deck boards horizontally across the triangles. I sanded the piece lightly to keep some of the natural rough texture intact. Next, I stained the piece a deep brown color. The final step was to install the cup hooks, hang the piece on the wall, and then rock the owl cup.

Pallet Coffee Cup Holder Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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