Pallet Shoe Bench

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This pallet shoe bench was my first project. I picked up some scrap pallets from a local business. I wasn't sure what I was going to make, but once I had the pallets disassembled, I started lining up the parts to create a shoe storage bench. The pallets I used had great rough cut texture, but I had to make sure the pieces used were going to be straight enough for what I needed.

Time to build this pallet shoe bench:

I started this Pallet Shoe Bench with some 2x4ish sized boards that I cut down to create the side walls. Wherever I installed screws, I pre-drilled and then counter-sunk first to avoid splitting the wood. I made a pledge for the middle shelf to rest on using 3" screws. I then attached the 1x4ish planks to the sides using 1 1/4" screws.

Next was the shelves. I placed two 1x4ish planks per shelf and pushed them as far apart in the framing as they could go. I then used the 1 1/4" screws to attach it all together.

The last step was the bench top, where I used 3" screws towards the front edge and 2" screws through the middle. The bench turned out very sturdy and no wobbles at all. The bench top isn't even but level because of the boards I used being very rough cut and rigid (I believe it was oak).

Overall this project went very smooth and is a very handy piece of furniture.

Bio: I work with pallets in my free time as a hobby but would love to start selling on Etsy.... read more

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