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Charming, Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse

  • 5 pallets

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  • 10h

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This charming, extremely Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse is entirely made from upcycled pallets! This project will bring years imaginative play for your children! This project needed about 4 to 5 pallets, depending on the sizes of pallets available.

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse – Frame & Roof assembly:

First, I created the windows on the three pallets by cutting some of the deck boards flush to the stringer boards. I made two windows per pallet. Then, I set up the three pallets on their ends to form three sides of the playhouse. I screwed them together after squaring them up as much as I could. Angled metal brackets were installed in the upper corners to stabilize the walls.

Next, I used four pallet stringers with the forklift arches to create the rafters. I cut them at the proper angles for the roof peak look I wanted and attached the peaks together while still on the ground. Then, I put them in place and secured them with more fasteners. We used heavy canvas instead of plywood so that the children could retract the top and play in the sunshine if they wanted. I installed more curtain material on the front and back peaks as well.

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse – Gate doors:

The doors were made from another section of a pallet. I cut it down to the size I wanted and used heavy gate hinges to mount them in place. A simple hook-and-eye could be used to keep them closed if you chose.

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse – Finishing touches:

Time for paint! I used a good-quality outdoor paint in a bright white color. I painted all of the surfaces – inside and out, to encapsulate the wood as much as possible. Next, I painted the exterior wood in a bright, cheery yellow color, taking care to get the paint into the holes and cracks of the wood as much as possible.

To finish it up, I added a couple of simple chairs, some cushions, handed the kids some pots, spoons, and bowls, and let them have fun!

This is a great project; not too challenging, and you can change it up any way you want!

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse1

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse2

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse3

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse4

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse5


Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse6

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse7

Inspired Pallet Kids Playhouse8


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What angle do you cut the stringer boards for the roof?

Dave Fabian

What a great idea

Renata Aversa

Olha só amor Charles Souza Nogueira

Charles Souza Nogueira

??????curti mozao fazer maior

Amelie C-p

Izzy Bocaina c’est pour toi !

Izzy Bocaina

Ca peu se faire effectivement

Alexandra Guerra

Isaac Morgan!! You don’t even need to break up the pallets!!!

Hendrika Kroon

Tessa Kroon
Is dit óók leuk?
Ik denk dat dit voor mijn haalbaar-der-der is….

Tessa Kroon

Jaa dat is ook erg leuk

Kristina Isaksen

Ronnie Haland Jacobsen

Lili Niellez

Emeline Baumal

Christelle Dieu

Stéphane Dieu

Jessica Bourgoin Pelletier

Easy peasy

Lyndsey Allsopp

Tom Allsopp

Ryn Pj Ladd

Adeq Love

Tania Robson

Dale Robson

J.J. Anderson

What is the roof made of? Just a plastic sheet?

Kevin Villedieu

Flym Boudet

Foggaz FourtyFour

Corinne Traue

Lynda Bartlett

Sarah Leib. Look

Sarah Leib

Oh my gosh!!! I wish I was. Crafty enough to build this lol!

Tara Coyne

Alfie Hinde

Kelsey Johnson

David Braddy

Kelsey Johnson

Zachary Johnson

Untra Veling

the design is great and the result amazing BUT there’s one thing about the BLUE OR RED pallets: they are usually the most heavily treated ones and everybody on most websites recommend to ABSOLUTELY AVOID THEM for upcycling projects! always look for NON CHEMICALLY TREATED pallets (e.g. those marked HT = heat treated) especially for kids’ project and DO NOT PICK the coloured or MB = methyl bromide ones!


This is not always true. See our article on Pallet Safety here: https://www.1001pallets.com/pallet-safety/ We specifically address the colored pallets, and have received updated information regarding them from reliable sources. Not all red pallets are the “evil” type. Anything marked MB – absolutely stay away from for indoor use, or around kids/pets. And always, when in doubt, toss it out. Safety is your number one concern. Happy Palleting! -HS

Mickey Griggs
Mickey Griggs

I think it’s Awesome .

Kai Lindenschmid

Oder Hundehütte, Ela ;) nächstes Projekt

Ela Krezdorn

Wirst lachen, an was ähnliches hab ich schon gedacht ;)

Kai Lindenschmid

Ich schmunzel nur ;)


I just made a pallet bench for my porch .I want to know about coushion / pad used in pictures what are material use. I have patteren or do I just use outdoor furniture pad???


hi there… thank you for showing my pallet playhouse, however can you please only post one picture, and refer to my site instead? thank you…

Guillaume de Troy
Guillaume de Troy

J’aime bien, simple et très efficace bravo à l’artiste

France Blanchard
France Blanchard


Emilie Baudrot
Emilie Baudrot

C’est mignon :)

Emilie Baudrot
Emilie Baudrot

C’est mignon :)

Amandine Benoit
Amandine Benoit

Patricia Benoit

Carine Znvl
Carine Znvl

Cool on s’y met le week-end prochain

Robert Rom Marguet
Robert Rom Marguet


Isak Hagberg

Boom! :)
Erica Hellman Hagberg

Rikke Marshall

Tasha Masha, bet you can make this x

Amanda Van Der Hoeven
Amanda Van Der Hoeven

Craig Van Der Hoeven

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