Pallet Indoor Cat House

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • $3

I wanted a small house for Mr.Butters to be able to claim as his own space and that would fit next to the rocket stove to also keep warm over the coming winter. He's had a nasty injury to his leg and is going to spend some time recovering and needs a quiet warm spot.

Grab yourself some pallets and cut them up to whatever your dimensions are going to be. Brace the base on each side to form a sturdy sleeping platform. Work out the roof design and cut the front and back to match, cut out any designs to the front now whilst it is still in plank form.

Join your roofing pieces together with two struts to form a frame. Nail the frame to the base and continue to build each side and eventually the back as well. Use new or reclaim the nails from the pallets. You are near enough there, working with bits of wood decide on your design for the front, I put in two side pieces and attached a couple of doors. Mainly to use up a set of hinges that had been lying around the workshop for years.

You're pretty much there, sanding, painting, you do this your own way of course. Thanks for reading this far, I hope you will enjoy the video at the end of this post, feel free to comment and subscribe!

Bongo & Butters - thePoultryPeople


Bongo Wynne-Woodhouse
Bio: Working with recycled timber for about 25 years, run a small workshop in North Wales with my cats.... read more

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Carrie Catswold

What a great idea. Time to go palette hunting again…

Ena Hagemann

Patricia Galante da Costa essa página que te falei =)

Ena Hagemann

Ana Rosa Steffen Barbosa olha essa página quanta coisa pra fazer com pallets

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