How I Made A Wooden Pallet House In The Children’s Room

By DJHydron

This project was realized on the basis of the idea that meant that the wooden house would be a place in a children’s room where a child of two years […]

Amazing Pallet Summer Cottage

By roddas

I’ve got a workshop/garage in which I play around with pallets producing Art, Shelves, Wine Racks and all sorts of practical items from pallets. I’d built a bench for my wife to pot her seedlings at the end of the garage, but her space was getting ever bigger, much to my annoyance, so something had to be done. I decide to build her her own Pallet, Potting/Summer House in the corner of the garden where she could have her own space and I would get my garage back. Here’s the result.


Two-story Pallet Rabbit Hutch

By palletsrosa

A beautiful bunnies house out of three wooden pallets.

Castle Crayon – Activity House for Kids

By Hesaurus

Noble princesses and valiant knights! Behold Castle Crayon, where you can use your imagination and create the most beautiful adventures this kingdom has ever seen! So if you like old castles, fearsome dragons, ancient trees, unicorns, magical spells or even butterflies, there is no time to lose. Grab a crayon and start drawing!

Pallet Indoor Cat House

By Bongo WynneWoodhouse

A place for kitty to call home, a safe sanctuary and hideyhole that could even be shared with the right cats. Easy project, not many tools required, good use of old hinges that are lying around :)


Pallet Bug House

By Neokentin

I made this insect hotel out of recycled pallet wood, pretty good for my first attempt.


Pallet Wine Rack & Frame Art

By Neokentin

My partner Matt started making these racks over a year ago from old pallets that we found along the roadside. He combined them with art work and quickly became swamped […]


Pallet Summer House

By Niilo

10 days of hard graft finally resulted in my very own summer house… pretty pleased with it.


Childrens Playhouse

By Sugi

I made this house in the backyard for my children to play.


Barnout Made Of Recycled Shipping Pallets

By Neokentin

My husband and I recycled shipping pallets to make a storage shed that is 12x16m with loft.


Brooklyn Kinda Home

By Neokentin

After a few days of staring at a giant blank canvas I decided to go with my favorite, pallets!! Bringing 20 pallets up to the fourth floor of a “duplex […]


Maison De Jardin Pour Enfant / Pallets Kids House

By Neokentin

Garden kids house made for our daughter. Cheaper, more beautiful than prefabricated huts and especially made to our taste :) Maison de jardin réalisée pour notre fille. Moins coûteuse, plus […]

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