Two-story Pallet Rabbit Hutch

  • 3 pallets

  • hard

  • 72h

  • n/a

Have you got a bunny at home? Do you want to have your space and at the same time have your furry friend nearby in their own snuggly two-story home? I invite you to make your own Two-Story Pallet Rabbit Hutch.

You'll need the following supplies to build your own adorable Two-Story Pallet Rabbit Hutch:

I used three pallets to complete this build. First, I started out with two notched pallet stringers as the bottom portion of the hutch frame. I used a two more sets to frame out the lower story walls. To create the second story, I used different lengths of deck boards - short for the lower story; longer for the upper story. I trimmed the longer boards slightly to create a slope for the roof.  I used a small piece of reclaimed wood for the door and mounted it with two hinges and a latch. I then covered the front of the hutch.

Finishing touches on our Two-Story Pallet Rabbit Hutch:

Inside, I had some fun! I made a shelf across the top of the lower floor to give our rabbit some different areas to sit in. I built a ramp and covered it with artificial grass to make it easy for him to climb.  To frame out the upper portion of the lower story. When I had it completed the way I liked, I painted it and then let our adorable bunny move in. He seems to like it, and it's a fun piece of pallet art in our home!

Ressources for this project:

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