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Play Table/Storage Chest For Our Daughter

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 12h

  • $40

My daughter wanted something to bake cakes on, our old farmhouse doesn’t have a lot of counter space. I built this Play Table/Storage Chest for her to let her imagination free! So it took two pallets for the frame, and the rest was mostly scrap. I had to buy two panels for the doors. She did the painting on the front.

Play Table/Storage Chest – more than just a play area for our daughter. Use this idea for the living room, dining room, play houses, and outdoor storage or gardening tables too!

Let your imagination run wild. Use this terrific design for many uses in the home, or in your outdoor spaces. The table top could get a shelf added above for a great potting bench, or an additional work area for an outdoor kitchen.

Play Table/Storage Chest For Our Daughter Pallet Boxes & Chests

For more great ideas to make for your kids (or have the kids help under your supervision), check out this Play Kitchen!

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Gill Ashmead Mecoy

Kids toy box. ..Rob Ashmead


Has your daughter ever considered selling her paintings? Also, how old is she, because she did an amazing job! However, she could not have done it, if it weren’t for you providing her with a great piece to paint on!

Alixi Chanèl

you should have, maybe, thought of a better title than “My Daughter’s Box”? hahahaaaa, maybe?


Very nice job! Really pretty. The angled top adds to the interest. <3

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