The Pallet Mud Kitchen I Made for My Niece

By SteveSyme

I decided to make a pallet mud kitchen for my niece.

How I Made A Children’s Wood Pallet Kitchen For Indoor / Outdoor

By DJHydron

This children’s kitchen is made of a simple wooden pallet. The pallet boards are sanded by hand, with sandpaper. The circular parts of the board were cut with a jigsaw. […]

Mud Kitchen For My Granddaughter

By DGilly

I used 3 pallets to make a mud kitchen using an old sink then painted it in bright colors, my granddaughter loves it!

Dirty Fun In The Sun Pallet Mud Kitchen

By -m-

Everyone knows that a dirty child is a happy child, so to encourage their imagination and allow them to play in the dirt, make them a simple mud kitchen.

Outdoor Pallet Kid’s Mud Kitchen With Working Sink & Deck!

By GranddadsPallets

Endless fun in the summer months… working with lots of fun kids features… allows umbrella to be fitted to give protection… outdoor light if wanted… just add your own kitchen accessories and let the washing /cooking and fun begin!

3-bowl Pallet Mud Kitchen with Removeable Blackboard

By roddas

Kids love to get their hands dirty, and this ‘small adults’ kitchen gives them the chance to get expressive and creative in a group situation, encouraging talking, team building, and friendship.

Play Table/Storage Chest For Our Daughter

By mikey193

My daughter wanted something to bake cakes on, our old farmhouse doesn’t have a lot of counter space. I built this Play Table/Storage Chest for her to let her imagination […]

How I Built My Grand Daughter Her Own Patio

By Neokentin

Used pallets, cement bricks and quad tire to make a patio for granddaughter.

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