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Outdoor Pallet Kid's Mud Kitchen With Working Sink & Deck!

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 6h

  • $75

I made this Outdoor Pallet Kid's Mud Kitchen for the granddaughters. Fittings allow quick connection from a garden hose to the two-bowl The set-up is for cold water only, but that's perfect for spring and summer fun. The drainage is similarly reduced to finally allow a quick-connect to a piece of garden hose to run to lawn or garden.

Make a Pallet Kid's Mud Kitchen for lots of good, clean fun!

The is a pipe at the back that holds an umbrella. Casters are an excellent addition if you need to move the kitchen around. This project is approximately two meters long. Used sinks are found at yard sales,  swap meets, or online sales apps.

Ours cost about twenty dollars, and the plumbing pieces needed for connection to the hose and drainage were another forty dollars. I used stainless screws to prevent rusting. Additionally, I did a LOT of sanding since the kids are usually playing on this barefoot. Seal it with an outdoor, UV-resistant polyurethane for years of fun.

This item is heavy and weighs somewhere between 60-100kg. We also made outdoor chairs, pallet tables, and blackboards.

This Pallet Kid's Kitchen features a working sink.
Upcycle an old sink into a working kitchen for some good, clean fun outdoors!
This Pallet Kid's Kitchen features kid-sized chairs too.
We made kid-friendly chairs too.
This Pallet Kid's Kitchen features a deck so that the sink can be at adult height too.
Add some cup hooks, a few pots and utensils, and a deck, and you have a working kitchen suitable for kids and adults.
The Pallet Kid's Kitchen is a hit with the kids.
The kids love it!
This project would be ideal for a potting table too. You could water the plants and wash off at the Pallet Kid's Kitchen.
This project would be ideal for a potting table, too. You could water the plants and wash off the tools and your hands when done.
Here's the frame for the Pallet Kid's Kitchen using pallets as the end pieces.
Here's the frame I built using pallets as the end pieces.
This Pallet Kid's Kitchen features a chalkboard, plenty of hooks for hanging things, a deck and steps.
This completed kitchen features a chalkboard, a deck, and a step so that adults and kids can use this sink efficiently.
This Pallet Kid's Kitchen has a piece of plumbing that will hold an umbrella.
I added a piece of plumbing to hold an umbrella too.
The Pallet Kid's Kitchen features easy-connect hoses for the water source and for drainage.
The sink can be hooked up to a regular garden hose, and the drain also hooks up to another hose so that the water isn't wasted.
Get dirty & have good clean fun with a Pallet Kid\'s Kitchen! Pick up an old sink and a few simple plumbing parts for a fun activity center for the kids! This project would be great as a potting bench so you can water the plants & wash hands!
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Can not wait to build one for my futures grand child….❤️

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Eulalie Letessier

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